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What is NETHEALTHING about ?


1. Improving our ways of being ONLINE

WHY ? Because a positive online mindset will help counteract the tendency of the negative and dramatic online contents.

As there is a dark tendency for people to use the online world as a way to express themselves in an unhealthy way for themselves and whoever scroll into it! 

2. Balancing our ONLINE habits 

WHY ? Developing an online/ offline balance will help us staying away from online addictions and neither be disconnected from our 21st online century infinite possibilities.

3. Creating healthy interactions and relationships

WHY ? Creating healthy online relationships help us transpose these healthy online interaction habits  OFFLINE . Ultimately it benefits all our interactions and increase our chance for healthier offline relationships too .

CONCLUSION : In other words a big YES to being ALIVE ONLINE however without compromising our beloved and inner physical OFFLINE circle.

And ultimately bringing the best of our ONLINE experiences into our OFFLINE situations