YES we love being ALIVE ONLINE however between what we perceive and what our family and friends do while we are ONLINE reserves quite often a lot of judgmental surprises.

But possibly some truth to acknowledge too!

Common myth  : I control my ONLINE HABITS 
We do ? 
We are online a bit in the morning , a bit at morning tea , a bit at lunch , then throughout the afternoon as we start getting bored . And again few precious distracting minutes while queuing in our cars at pick up times … and some more.After dinner while the family is nicely tucked in on the coach watching a movie ; 
AND AND MORE anytime moments we fit in our supposedly busy lives somehow..,
The obvious consequence is that by having too many online NOW times we may simply be missing out on our precious OFFLINE moments.

How do we really perceive our own online habits versus how our family does can be quite revealing.
Here is a common sentence we may experience our partner/ kids/ parents saying to us one day : 
Them : ” you are so addicted to your freaking phone!” 

and then we tend to reply as a natural justification mechanism :

Us : ” I am not always on my phone … I mainly use my laptop as it is better for my eyes, my typing… (trying to be healthier here!)  and it is necessary for me to be online for my business/ social/ world engagement (*replace with what ever you use as your excuse )  

OR more specifically…

Them : ” the other morning I was in the kitchen trying to reach for the coffee pods and you did not even realised I was next to you… as you were completely absorbed by your online scrolling / engagement / whatever we want to call it (exasperate tone will usually be also appearing at this stage ) ; 

and they add: 

Them : I HAD TO LITERALLY BRUSH YOU OFF MY WAY and that did not even make you adjust back to the NOW kitchen reality we were IN! 

US : “BUT……”


we cope with the frowning / exasperate high brow raising from our partner/ friends / kids / kid’s teacher / yoga teacher ??? and so on…
So where does that Perception gap comes from ? 
Most likely from the deep rooted feeling that we are ONLINE for the right reasons therefore it is excusable / justifiable despite the actual resentment it generates from our physical inner circle.
And how do we become aware and conscious of this perception gap and if it is actually unhealthy for us,  our family and our overall OFFLINE social interactions ???
Not a simple job here . however AWARENESS is the key as always .
So what about observing our ONLINE EGO …firstly.

Find out more about our ONLINE EGO developing fast in our connected world.

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